Our Alumni

The Alumni Chapter of Youth About Business serves to connect all students who have participated in YAB throughout the years. The purpose of our network is to gather up-to-date information on alumni including: college choices and majors, current jobs and industries represented, company names or new business ventures and more.

Through the years, our network is connecting individuals that have been exposed to extensive business and leadership training. The aim of this network is to bring these unique individuals together to create a valuable networking opportunity as well as increase retention of key members of the program.

This network provides alumni with the opportunity to stay in touch, share job openings or resumes and learn about the current status of their fellow YAB program participants.

It’s always beneficial for program impact as well as growth, when our alumni stay involved with our programs. It’s especially impactful when they provide mentoring opportunities for current leaders in the Youth About Business. Of equal importance, alumni should also become financial contributors to the programs that provide so much development for youth.

It is very important that members stay in touch with the vision, as they are a big part of the growth of Youth About Business. If you have previously participated in Youth About Business, feel free to register as alumni. See below for the link. Once you are registered, we will invite you to join our new, private LinkedIn page for current students and alumni.

Donate today by going to youthaboutbusiness.org/donate.

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