Today, too few high school students are given the opportunity to learn about and pursue a career in business. Too often, teenagers from underserved communities look to professional sports and Hollywood as a path to success, where the odds are stacked against them.

The Youth About Business Summer Business Camp was created in 1999 to provide high school students with an alternative to the norm and an opportunity to experience the business world one merger and acquisition at a time. Last year, hundreds of high school students from Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Nashville, and greater New York participated in our Summer Business Camp Experience in on the campuses of Emory University, Columbia University, and Vanderbilt University.

The Camps

Enrolled students engage in a business competition performing merger and acquisition simulations. They are taught to research and analyze public companies, and are exposed to financial terminology such as market capitalization, EBITDA, synergy, leverage ratios, and capital structure – many for the first time. They are also challenged to think through their decisions and understand the strategy and due diligence necessary to determine and execute a feasible transaction.

During the negotiations, student teams assume the leadership of their assigned corporation by acting as the executive management committee and begin their research by reading their annual report.

Each student team is advised by area professionals -- including accountants, attorneys, investment bankers, and marketing specialists -- who serve as business consultants to each team. The executives help students understand these very complex transactions, and give them guidance on the proper techniques used when negotiating a merger or acquisition.

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