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Youth About Business is a life-long network for professional development.

The Purpose

Staying connected and networking with other YAB participants.

The Alumni Chapter of Youth About Business serves to connect all students who have participated in YAB throughout the years. The purpose of our network is to gather up-to-date information on alumni including: college choices and majors, current jobs and industries represented, company names, or new business ventures and more.


Over 400 Alumni are connected in our program.

The Chapter

Alumni help us prepare tomorrow’s leaders today.

Our alumni chapter connects individuals that have been exposed to extensive business and leadership training. The goal of the chapter is to bring them together in a valuable and life-long networking opportunity. This network provides alumni with the opportunity to stay in touch, share job openings or resumes, and learn about the current status of their fellow YAB program participants.

It’s always beneficial for program impact as well as growth, when our alumni stay involved with Youth About Business. It’s especially impactful when they provide mentoring opportunities for current students in our programs. Several of our alumni have built successful business enterprises and sold them to some of America’s largest companies. When they return to YAB as mentors and instructors, their stories help other YAB students understand ways to a brighter future.

Many YAB alumni have also become financial contributors to our programs, allowing us to grow our leadership development capacities and reach more young people. We greatly appreciate those alumni who help us continue to “prepare tomorrow’s leaders today.” For more information on how to give back to YAB, please go to our donate page.

It is very important that our alumni members stay in touch with the Youth About Business vision, as they are a big part of our growth. If you have previously participated in Youth About Business, feel free to register as alumni. See below for the link. Once you are registered, we will invite you to join our private LinkedIn page for current students and alumni.

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YAB STAT: Over 400 Alumni are connected in our program.

Students, Alumni & Mentors

A few kind words about our program.

"YAB taught me how to be a Black male professional who could do work he was proud of. Such a life lesson is priceless." Julian ReidYAB Alumni

"YAB provided me with the skills to navigate and negotiate “life” on my terms. Learning business principals in high school elevated my ability to leverage my personal journey and brand and change the trajectory of my family legacy." Lonnell Matthews, Jr.YAB Alumni