Chairman’s Campaign

National Advisory Board Chairman's Capital Campaign

December 14, 2022

Dear Youth About Business Alumni, Parents, Volunteers and Supporters:

We just culminated our 30th Year Annual Youth About Business (YAB) Celebration. We are all very proud to hear the many stories of our young people doing amazing things. Our theme for this year was “The Next 30 Years”! Encouraging our youth to believe in their potential is very important, especially for those young people who come to our program from underserved communities. 81% of our young people are from low-moderate socio-economic areas.

Teaching young people from these communities to dream differently about the potential for their futures remains extremely important to our organization, our national board and staff. Career Preparation continues to be one of our main focuses and because of the rigor of our curriculum, we believe that students will clearly walk away with a unique skill set that will help them be better prepared for the world of business and industry. The skills we teach are transferable to a variety of careers.

We invite you to participate in this year’s Annual National Advisory Board Chairman’s campaign. This annual campaign helps with critical gap funding for the organization. Our National Advisory Board Chairman’s Campaign is a short-term campaign to help with your Year End Contributions.

The Annual “Chairman’s” Capital Campaign will be a short-term end of year campaign from December 15 – December 31, 2022

We invite you to give to help support our programming cost for 2023. Student scholarships for our year-round program are $3000.00. Sponsoring several students or sponsoring any portion of a student scholarship is greatly appreciated by our organization.

To donate, click below. Once inside the donation page, put your amount you would like to donate and click One-Time or Monthly Gift to the organization. Our accounting team will take it from there but thanks so much for your consideration of a year-end gift to our Chairman’s Campaign.

The goal is to sponsor 100 students through this campaign.

You can also mail your donation (made out to Youth About Business) to:

Youth About Business

P.O Box 110120
Nashville, TN 37222

We trust that you will make a donation to this year’s National Advisory Board Chairman’s Capital Campaign. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

The National Advisory Board has determined four strategic growth areas for YAB-
1. Increase Brand Recognition for the YAB organization.
2. Scale the model by growing our student participation to 1200 students this year
3. Build Diversity Pipelines of Talent by adding Industry Specific Curriculum
4. Ensure long term growth and stability by building a Permanent Funding Model.

Thanks for your contributions as they help us continue to “prepare tomorrow’s leaders today”.

Excellence is the Standard,